Excerpt from Page 6

Published July 21, 2018

Crossing the Hudson

Eager to hone my writing talents, I remained committed to the lure of New
York City. It was a time when “work” had not yet become an ominous fourletter
word and the possibility of finding a challenging career to love had
“yes” written all over it. I made a spirited entry in the late fifties and landed
a job as editorial assistant at the Hearst publication American Druggist on
April Fool’s Day. I must admit I did not consider that a good omen, but it
was no joke—just not what I thought I wanted.

My mother (a 5’1” thumbs-up kind of person) suggested we make a
practice run to Manhattan on the Sunday before I was scheduled to start
my new job. She wanted to be sure I wouldn’t get lost or arrive at work
late. Allowing for a two-hour trip, we boarded a local bus from our New
Jersey home, traveled to the Newark’s Pennsylvania Station, caught the
train to Manhattan, and in about a half hour, reached 34th Street. Our next
challenge was to find the right subway to take us to the Hearst offices on
56th Street & Madison Avenue, but we did it. Satisfied (and relieved) with
our success, we stopped for a sandwich and coffee at the counter in the then
famous Halpern’s Drug Store located in the Hearst Building, reversed our
steps, and traveled back home. I was more than ready and eager to begin
my new adventure.