Excerpt from Page 16

Published July 27, 2018

Finally, I was given a car to drive us wherever. It helped but driving in
Paris was hardly fun. After a four-day visit, we left the city for Dublin,
where we were in the capable hands of the Browns, a husband-and-wife
team affiliated with Lentheric. They gave us the royal treatment on a
drive through the breathtakingly beautiful green countryside. It included,
of course, kissing the Blarney Stone. Our final destination was Shannon,
where we boarded our plane home. The next challenge was to arrange
for my charge’s trip back to Athens. She wasn’t eager to leave. My mother
joined us in Pennsylvania Station to give me moral support. I needed it
as men lined up on facing benches in the waiting room. Relief came with
the aid of my straight-laced mother, who took charge of the situation and
had us wait for the train in the ladies’ room. As I watched the train pull
away, it was clear that I learned more than I could have ever anticipated
about the responsibility of being responsible.