Excerpt from Page 35

Published August 5, 2018

New Voices

I soon realized that the industry also needed to hear from outside experts
who would provide insights into changes taking place around the world.
One of my favorite go-to speakers was the futurist Edie Weiner, who
shared her brilliant observations and predictions on many occasions.
Others included authorities on globalization, the environment, ethnicity,
psychology, and anthropology.

In the seventies, the great anthropologist and historian Margaret Mead
accepted my invitation to address a meeting of the Fragrance Foundation.
She arrived at the Plaza, with her famous six-foot-tall carved wooden
staff in hand, to share her discoveries about the importance of the sense
of smell and aromas in primitive cultures. Of course, her comments were
fascinating, including her observation that “you can never have a personal
relationship with someone whose smell you do not like.”