Excerpt from Page 42

Published August 11, 2018

The groundwork we had laid for the organization and the industry
was beginning to pay off. In the early seventies, estimated fragrance sales
at retail were approximately $300 million for women and $155 million
for men. Big changes were in the offing, and the fragrance market was
set to explode. With a very small and dedicated staff (six of us in all, plus
my mother, whose services were “free for a cup of tea”), Annette Green
Associates, on behalf of the Fragrance Foundation, took on fragrance and
its world with gusto!

To get a sense of what happened and how, I have scattered clues
everywhere. They are not meant as a ten-steps-to-success formula, but rather
to provide insights into what it took a real person (me) to break through
the clutter, the competition, and the naysayers, and have fun along the way.
My hope is that as a contemporary can-do spirit, you will find strategies
that are translatable and applicable to twenty-first-century entrepreneurial
yearnings. They can make it possible to defy time and circumstance, even
in our technological, self-absorbed society. The constants are laser-like
focus and loving to live with a 24/7 obsession, no matter how the world
changes. Each of my tales could be considered “case histories” or pieces in
a jigsaw puzzle. Put them all together, and they will reveal a treasure trove
of techniques that allowed me to tame an unexplored landscape. Best of all,
from a creative perspective, this is a landscape that can be reimagined to
suit a variety of purposes and even jolt dormant creative urges into action.