Excerpt from Page 55

Published August 17, 2018

The award that came to signify fragrance excellence was the work of
the renowned French perfume bottle designer Pierre Dinand. Created in
1975, it combined two twelve-inch abstract crystal columns, produced in
France by the perfume bottle manufacturer Pochet. My guide through the
process was the ever-helpful charming president, Jean Claude Moreau. The
crystal columns were meant to represent a man and a woman embracing
a crystal droplet. Sadly, several years ago, the magnificent FiFi award was
unceremoniously replaced by a glass slab. I shudder to think how the film
industry would react if, suddenly, the famed Oscar statue morphed into
a golden plate. I urged Donald Loftus, then chairman of the board, to
encourage the board to reverse the decision to change the award. He tried,
he told me, but to no avail. So now, nobody really knows what the FiFi
actually looks like, and word is out that yet another design is in the offing.
Quel dommage!